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Debbie Boyd – Small Business Consulting

Because Small Businesses Are the Heart of America, I Strive to Enhance Their Overall Efficiency and Improve Profitability.

Accountants usually work for either a public accounting firm or a private corporation, but rarely both.  I’ve gained invaluable experience by working in both private and public firms; Accounting Manager and Controller in private corporations and Accountant and Small Business Consultant in public accounting firms.

I’ve managed a multi-state printing firm, being responsible for staff and generating multi location profit and loss by jobs reports and monthly consolidated financial reports to working with numerous small businesses from a variety of industries.

After years of working for private corporations and then public accounting firms, I realized that this experience gave me the advantage seeing the priorities from those difference worlds.

So, with that extra edge on helping small businesses succeed, I decided to establish DLB Consulting, LLC with the goal to focus on implementing solutions and help entrepreneurs overcome a 30-plus year stigma that 80% of new businesses fail in their first five years.  It doesn’t have to be that way!  I can admit today that since becoming a small business advocate in 1997, I have never regretted the journey.

Although my accounting education is priceless, the no-nonsense hands on business experience gained from working in a variety of entities has allowed me the benefit of assisting clients with practical solutions with the highest degree of integrity, respect and teamwork.

I have a successful track record of working with a wide range of small businesses – from start-up businesses to clients with over 200 employees. My passion is to see your business succeed.  My contribution is to refine the business and accounting structures of a business so they work to the business owner’s benefit.

A career changing experience for me was when I worked through The E-Myth Mastery Program:  The Seven Essential disciples for Building a World Class Company.  I hope to share my insights with you to make your business a success, too.

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