Case Study #1: The Problem of a Mysteriously High Employee Turnover Rate

To most people, paperwork is just a necessary hassle. But to us, paperwork reveals a lot about a business, the owners and their staff.

Background: On this project, we recognized our client was experiencing what appeared to be an unusual and even excessive amount of employee turnover.  I wanted to bring this up in a relaxed setting, so the business owner and I discussed it one day over lunch.

After our discussion, my task was to begin researching the cause of the problem. What I uncovered was a breakdown between the construction crews and accounting staff. This situation is not uncommon, but most business owners would never know to look for it. Fortunately, once I discovered what was causing the breakdown, I knew exactly what had to be done to resolve it.

Solution:  We had to provide a little bit of training and update procedures. After proposing a few recommendations DLB began training sessions which included the accounting and administrative staff.

This allowed everyone opportunity to work as a team and to aim toward the common goal.  By training each staff member one-on-one and as a team it gave them the required training to understand the importance of their role and working toward the common goal. Almost overnight the frustrations began to be eliminated and everyone had a better understanding of how each person’s role was important.

Results:  At the end of this project, our client not only had a “team” mentality in the business, they had documented job descriptions which defined each job position. It included competitive wages, required experience and reasonable training needed to adapt to their company systems.

This is just another way that DLB Consulting, LLC helps business owners. Our goal is primarily to determine cost vs investment, but it is also necessary to clarify time efficiency and reliable documented communication systems. Sometimes business owners can’t identify where the problems are because that don’t know where to look.

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